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Inactive Escrow Status
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The Inactive status is a non-practice status that allows licensees to renew their license without completing continuing education.  The inactive status is designed for licensees who are not currently working in their field and/or don’t plan to return to their field for the foreseeable future.

Inactive escrow status means you stop using your professional credentials. You can no longer refer to yourself as or volunteer as a counselor, social worker or marriage & family therapist. You cannot sign off as a clinical or training supervisor, you cannot bill for services. 

Renewing into Inactive status requires no continuing education; however continuing education will be required to go from Inactive to Active status.

A licensee may renew into Inactive status only during the renewal period or after the renewal date, when the license has lapsed. Late fees will apply. If the license is currently Active, but the licensee is not practicing or out of State, etc. he or she must wait until the renewal period to renew to Inactive status.

To renew to Inactive Escrow Status: 

Go to e-license.ohio.gov

From your e-License dashboard


  1. Options
  2. Special Request
  3. License Inactivation

The Board will set your license to the Inactive Escrow Status (you will be notified by email so you may renew to inactive escrow. You must renew and pay a fee for your license type by the date specified and every 2 years thereafter. Late fees do apply if you renew inactive late.


Licensees with Inactive status may request to return to Active status at any time by reinstating their license. 

To return to Active status:

Go to e-license.ohio.gov

From your e-license dashboard


  1. Options
  2. Reinstate

Complete the reinstatement request and be sure all 30 hours of continuing education* is complete and the certificates ready to upload into e-license under additional documentation. Note: do not upload the certificates into CE Broker because continuing education used to restore an Inactive license to Active cannot be used to renew the restored license.

*Continuing education hours need to be completed within the two-year period prior to restoration. Of the 30 hours, six hours will need to cover ethics. Licensees wishing to reinstate their supervision designation will also need to complete six hours of supervision as part of the 30 required hours.