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SW Assistant License Instructions

Note: The SWA is not a registration for interns. Applicants enrolled in an MSW program who must register as a  Trainee for their internship should visit the Social Work Trainee (SWT) page. 

  1. Be sure you meet the education requirements prior to submitting an application.

You must have received at least an associate degree in social service technology from an accredited academic institution. A “social service technology degree” is an associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree where the following minimum curriculum standards are met:

a)  Forty-five quarter hours, or thirty semester hours, of core social service/social work skills, theory, and systems courses, which must include a social service practicum; and,

b)  Twenty-one quarter hours or fourteen semester hours of related courses such as psychology, sociology, and economics.

c)   The applicant must have received a grade of at least a “C-“ in all relevant coursework.

In determining whether you have completed enough social service coursework to qualify for the SWA, keep in mind the following definition of social services:  "Social services" means those activities which improve and maintain an individual's functioning in institutions, at home, or in the community and which do not necessarily require the specialized knowledge of social work, counseling, psychosocial interventions, or social psychotherapy.  Courses should generally focus on how to provide mental health services to individuals and groups.  Degree programs such as psychology and sociology generally focus on the study of individuals and society, and may not include enough direct social service coursework to meet this requirement.

  1. Once you have determined you meet the educational requirements, the next step is to complete the SWA application online and pay the $60 application fee (plus $3.50 processing fee):  https://elicense.ohio.gov/OH_HomePage    You will need to register and create a User ID and password to access the e-License system.  Once you’ve registered, complete the application for Social Work Assistant.

The remaining steps for licensure can be completed in any order.

  1. View the Board's Laws and Rules video. This is a review of the Board’s rules and ethics requirements, and will help you understand your responsibilities as a licensee
  2. BCI and FBI Criminal Records Check. Background checks are valid for one year once completed.
  3. Have your school submit OFFICIAL transcripts, showing your degree conferred, directly to the board.  You can have your transcript emailed to socialwork@cswb.ohio.gov (preferred method of delivery), or mailed to the address below.  Please note: Your degree must be awarded in order for your official transcript to be accepted.  Many schools may take as long as 1-4 weeks following graduation to post your degree to your transcript. 

Documents necessary to complete your SWA registration (ALL steps must be completed before your SWA can be issued)

  1. Online SWA application, with fee
  2. Official Transcript showing your conferred degree, sent directly from your school
  3. BCI and FBI Criminal Records Check
  4. Watch the Board's Laws and Rules video

After You Have Submitted Your Application

  1. Be sure to submit any required documents. 
  2. Complete the background checks.
  3. Track the status of your application by clicking on Review Status under Options on your license application tile in eLicense. The review checklist indicates whether the Board has received your background checks, and submissions such as your transcript.