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CT License Instructions
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CT Initial Application Instructions

Yolanda.Berry@cswb.ohio.gov will be your contact person during the counselor trainee process. Contacting Yolanda to check for receipt or missing parts of your file can be counterproductive adding to her already busy schedule. The Board asks that you instead: carefully read and follow all instructions and keep copies of all faxed or mailed forms. 

Allow at least two weeks for processing then contact Yolanda, if necessary. Yolanda’s other duties include but are not limited to  ‘Supervision Designation’ for all licensees in Ohio. CT status can take up to 30 days. 

Please start early and follow all directions.   

1. Obtain Proof of Enrollment in a master's or doctoral-level practicum or internship showing the state and end dates of the academic term(s): You will upload proof of enrollment with your counselor trainee initial application. 

2. Begin at elicense.ohio.gov to create your account and log in to apply for counselor trainee. During the application process upload your proof of enrollment. 

3. Complete Criminal Records Check. (Watch the Video)

For your initial CT Status you must complete both the BCI and FBI criminal records checks and have the results sent directly to the Board by BCI&I (Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation). By law, the Board cannot complete the processing of your application until it receives both the BCI and FBI background checks.

Important Information Regarding Supervision

You must be supervised by a LPC-S (Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor) or LPCC-S (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor-Supervisor)

A counselor trainee in their Practicum may be supervised by a LPC-S or LPCC-S. A practicum consists of no less than 100 hours of which 40 hours are direct service…with clients and or groups

A counselor trainee in their Internship must be supervised by a LPCC-S. A supervised internship shall be no less than 600 hundred hours of which 240 hours shall be in direct services, which include diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders and conditions under a LPCC-S. Training supervision shall include an average of one hour of face-to face contact between the supervisor and supervises for every twenty-hours of work by the supervises.

Confirming CT Status

CT status: You will receive an email from the Board regarding your status. To verify your CT status follow the steps below. Your status may show up as pending, then active once your application is complete and the CT issued.

To verify your CT status click HERE

Note to LPC-S and LPCC-S Supervisors

(A) Definition of supervision:

(1) "Training supervision" is supervision of all individuals who are gaining the experience required for a license as a professional clinical counselor, or a license as a professional counselor under rule 4757-13-01 of the Administrative Code, or a counselor trainee registered with the board and enrolled in a practicum or internship class under paragraph (E) of this rule. This type of supervision requires extensive time and involvement on the part of the supervisor in order to help supervisees improve their skills and/or learn new skills. Training supervision shall include an average of one hour of face-to-face contact between the supervisor and supervisee for every twenty hours of work by the supervisee. Training supervision shall be face-to-face individual and/or triadic for counselor trainees. Training supervision shall be face-to-face individual or group supervision for professional counselors.

(A)(3) "Group supervision" is board approved supervision that consists of not more than six supervisees for one supervisor.

(C) (2) Training supervisees may not choose a supervisor who is a family member or who is related to them in any way.

(C)(1)(f) Complete and forward to the board all supervision evaluation forms required by the board within thirty days of receipt of the form from a supervisee.

(C)(3) Professional counselors who are registered with the board for training supervision and engaging in the supervised diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders shall not collect fees in their own names. All billings shall be in the name of the employing agency or the licensed supervisor.

(C)(4) The professional clinical counselor with supervision designation is responsible for all diagnoses, change in diagnoses, individualized services plans, and correspondence to any third party outside of the agency. 

Share with supervisors that they must complete an evaluation, if they agreed to be a training supervisor


After You Have Submitted Your Application

  1. Be sure to submit any required documents. 
  2. Complete the background checks.
  3. Track the status of your application by clicking on Review Status under Options on your license application tile in eLicense. The review checklist indicates whether the Board has received your background checks, submissions such as your transcript or hours of supervision, and your exam score.