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Moving to Another State


Due to the COVID-19 Emergency

At this time, the Board is not able to complete out of state verification forms. The Board will issue a verification letter to another State Board by email. Please sign into Ohio e-license from your dashboard under options select Send Verification remember this verification will be emailed to both you and the State licensing Board you list. 

You may also print verification of your license from Ohio e-license. Follow the steps below. Generally, the online license verification will be sufficient. Other State Boards can review our requirements for licensure on our website to determine if license requirements are comparable.

Licenses issued by the CSWMFT Board may be verified online at https://elicense.ohio.gov/oh_homepage Enter the licensee's name and/or license number and the name of our Board. Once the results are returned, click on the license number then click additional information. At the top of the next page click printer-friendly version this is the page that can be printed or saved as a PDF file for submission to employers, insurers, or other entities. 

Due to a reciprocity agreement between Ohio and Kentucky, Kentucky has agreed to accept electronic license verification of Ohio LPC and LPCC licenses.   DO NOT submit a Service Request for Ohio to verify your LPC or LPCC license for Kentucky.  Instead, please email the Board with your request: cswmft.info@cswb.ohio.gov

The term “reciprocity” is often used by licensees who wish to obtain a license in another state.  Reciprocity means that two or more states have a written agreement under which a licensee from one state can be licensed in the other states under that agreement. Ohio has no licensing reciprocity agreements with other states. 

There is also no process to “transfer” your license from one state to another.  You may seek licensure in another state and continue to maintain your Ohio license.

The term “endorsement” means using your active license in Ohio to help you meet the licensure requirements in another state.  Some states have endorsement rules so check with the licensing board of the state to which you are moving.

To locate a licensing board:

Social Workers:  Association of Social Work Boards; www.aswb.org

Counselors: National Board for Certified Counselors; www.nbcc.org

Marriage and Family Therapists: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; www.aamft.or