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LSW Exam Re-Approval

If you need to extend your exam approval, or if your exam approval expired, or if you failed the test and need to re-take it, you must submit the Request for Exam Re-approval:​

In order to request exam reapproval, you will just need to log into your account on elicense.ohio.gov using the user ID and password that you created. Once you have logged in and you are on the elicense dashboard page, you can click the “options” button that is located to the right in the box (application "tile") that has your application number (APP-----) included. When you click “options” select “exam reapproval” to complete the reapproval request. Exam approvals are valid for twelve months. Please note, if you are requesting a different type of exam, for example your original approval was for the Bachelor's Exam, but you are now qualified for the Master's Exam, please note the change in the request and submit via eLicense appropropriate documentation indicating your qualify for the exam requested.