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Sources of Continuing Education

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Continuing Education

  • Continuing Education may consist of: Workshops, Seminars, College Course Work, Webinars,  Authored Publications and Teaching or Presentations hours. It can be face to face training or distance learning.
  • Distance Learning means a formal education process, in which instruction occurs when the students and instructor(s) are not located in the same place.” Distance learning refers to all non traditional methods of presentation except video conferencing. 

CE Listing of Approved Programs

C.E. Programs: 

Click to search: Approved CE Programs 

Programs are approved by the Board for one year. Through the CEBroker portal, you will be able to view approved programs offered through either self paced study or in person.  You will also find information about the program's sponsor, time and location, content, and cost.

Be sure to contact the program sponsor, or the Board, if you're unsure whether the course is approved for your license type.

CE Listings of Approved Providers

C.E. Providers

Click to search: CE Approved Providers

Providers are agencies with two year blanket approval (on programs that meet Board requirements for approval). Through the CEBroker portal, you will be able to view approved CEU providers, including information on courses they offer through either self paced study or in person.  You may also find information about the program's sponsor, time and location, content, and cost.  If the provider is approved to offer continuing education by this Board, then any courses they offer for licensees are also approved.

Be sure to contact the program sponsor, or the Board, if you're unsure whether the courses are approved for your license type.

Programs Approved by ASWB and some NASW programs (social workers only)

Social workers  (only) are able to take programs approved by NASW (Ohio Chapter or National ) or  ASWB  both are accepted for Social Work renewal. Post program approval is not required unless the NASW approval is through another State chapter of NASW or approval is listed as a ‘collaborative of NASW’  Other license types can submit these programs for post approval. 


Programs approved through ASWB (also known as ASWB ACE (Approved Continuing Education) are acceptable for renewal of a social work license without Board approval.

*4757-9-05(F)(3)(4) (effective 06/01/2014)

Programs approved through the National NASW (out of Wash., DC) and the Ohio Chapter of NASW) are acceptable for renewal of a social work license without Board approval.

 If you have taken programs approved by other State chapters of NASW you may  submit a post program approval form prior to renewal of your license.

Programs Approved by NBCC (Counselors only)

The Counselors Professional Standards Committee has voted to give NBCC Board approval Ohio Counselors may complete programs approved by NBCC without requesting post program approval.

Non-Approved Programs Taken Out of State or Online

Click here: https://cswmft.ohio.gov/license-renewal/renewal-resources/Post-Program+CEU+Approval

Until June 19, 2022

  • Requests for Post Program Approval must be submitted prior to renewing your license for: out of state face to face trainings, non-approved programs taken online or through home-study, and distance learning trainings and webinars that have not been pre-approved by the board. Those requests for Authored publications, college course work, teaching or presentations, and volunteer service will still be accepted through Post Program Approval after June 19, 2022.
  • Face to face training's completed within the State of Ohio are only eligible for post approval for Marriage & Family Therapist.

College Coursework

College coursework hours are translated into clock hours as one semester hour equals 15 clock hours, one quarter hour equals 10 clock hours, which will allow for a one 3 semester/quarter hour course with a maximum of 30-45 contact hours being awarded.  Course work completed within your field of licensure will receive full credit and course work completed in related fields may receive partial credit after it is reviewed through a post program approval request. OAC Rule 4757-9-06(F) states that "The board may grant continuing education credit for appropriate college courses completed towards a degree or audited course for non degree, that are documented through an unofficial transcript with a passing grade of "C-" or above for undergraduate courses and a "B-" or above for graduate courses from regionally accredited educational institutions. Those hours, once completed, will need to be reported through the Post Program Approval option in CE Broker. Please find additional information about Post Program Approval by clicking the included link below.


Authored Publications

Journal articles or books on subjects related to: Counseling, Social Work or Marriage & Family Therapy shall meet the following requirements: (Must be post approved prior to renewal of your license)

1. Journal articles shall be published in refereed journals for a maximum of ten CE hours (per article).
2. Chapters authored by licensees in books…will be treated as journal articles.
3. Reprints or republications of published materials… are not acceptable.
4. You must submit a post program approval form prior to renewal of your license in order to count these hours.

5. The book or article must be published within your two year renewal period.

Single authored books can be granted up to thirty clock hours.
Multiple authors will each be granted an equal number of clock hours. 

Teaching or Presenting


  • Teaching or Presenting a workshop, seminar, or college course: Ten clock hours will be granted for teaching a college course, you may only use one course once within a five year period. Presentation hours are granted for the amount of time of the presentation plus one half (.50) hours prep-time for each hour of the presentation.
  • CEUs for teaching or presenting must be post approved prior to renewal of your license even if the program you presented was approved by the Board. The Board keeps track of teaching credit because a licensee cannot receive credit twice within a five year period without showing proof of significant change in the content.
  • 4757-9-04 Clock hours for continuing professional education
     (C) Continuing education credit shall only be issued for coursework that qualifies per rule 4757-9-06 of the Administrative Code. Credit may be awarded to licensees for first time presentations of a continuing education program, an in-service training workshop, a seminar or a conference presentation at the rate of one-half hours for every hour of the actual, board approved, presentation, up to ten hours per renewal period.

Poster Presentation

Extra credit is given to the presenter not to the viewer. No credit is given to the viewer of a poster presentation.   

MFT’s will grant 1.5 hours for prep-time  in addition to the total number of hours for the presentation

Social Workers grant ½  hour in prep-time for each hour of the poster presentation, maximum number of hours 6.

Counselors grant  ½ hour in prep-time for each hour of the  poster presentation , with a maximum of 6 hours. 

Banking Hours

Banking hours will allow a licensee who has completed more than their 30 required hours to bank up to 12 hours of  extra hours towards their next renewal period.

If you are audited and have banked 12 or less of your 30 CEU hours you are required to list:
* 60 hours from your last two renewals
*Up to 12 banked hours from the prior renewal may be used
*At least 18 (or more) from the most recent renewal 

60 hours of CEUs for the last two renewal periods; this to prove you didn't use the banked CEU hours for the renewal period prior to the most recent.

Volunteer Service Continuing Education Credit

CSWMFT licensees, in accordance with OAC 4757-9-06 (G), may now claim up to six hours of volunteer service, on an hour for hour basis, toward their continuing education requirement completed within a current renewal cycle. The volunteer hours do not count toward the required hours for ethics continuing education.

Services offered by the licensee must involve activities and services that require a license issued by the Board.  The volunteer hours must be at a free clinic (find a listing of clinics at http://ohiofreeclinics.org) or other non-profit organization that offers health care services based on eligibility screenings identifying the client as an "indigent and uninsured person" as that term is defined in division (7) of section 2305.234 of the Revised Code. If the licensee is an employee of the clinic, the hours may not be counted toward continuing education requirements.

Volunteer service hours must be documented by the clinic at which services were provided. A signed letter, on clinic letterhead, including the following, will be sufficient to document the service for continuing education credit:

  1. name of volunteer;
  2. license number of the volunteer;
  3. dates worked;
  4. number of hours of volunteer service;
  5. statement indicating all services and duties require a license to perform.

The letter may be uploaded to CE Broker to ensure it is available for review if the licensee is selected for audit.