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General Renewal Instructions

Renewing your License

To renew your license, go to: elicense.ohio.gov.

Click Login / Create Your Account. and log in as an Existing User with your User Id (your email address) and the unique password you created when you registered.  Then go to your license “tile” (it looks like a mini certificate) and click on “Options.”

From the drop-down menu under the “Options” button you can choose to:

Note: Licensees with a suspended license are still required to track their CE’s in CE Broker and to renew on or prior to their renewal date. Questions regarding renewing a suspended license can be directed to the Board.

Renewal and Late Fees

Below are the renewal fees for licenses issued by CSWMFT.  Renewals of active licenses completed after the expiration date will be charged a $40.00 late fee. Social Work Assistants (SWA) pay a late fee of $20.00.

Licensees have until midnight of their renewal date to renew their license.

Please note: There is a $3.50 eLicense fee added to all license applications and license renewals.

Active License Renewal Fees

SWA - Cost of Renewal: $63.50; Late fee: $20

LSW, LPC & MFT - Cost of Renewal : $83.50; Late fee $40

LPCC, LISW & IMFT - Cost of Renewal: $103.50; Late fee $ 40

Inactive/Escrow Status Renewal Fees

SWA - Cost of Renewal: $23.50; Late fee: $10

LSW, LPC & MFT - Cost of Renewal:  $43.50; Late fee $20

LPCC, LISW & IMFT - Cost of Renewal: $53.50; Late fee $20

Submitting your continuing education

Continuing education is required for each license renewal (with the exception of trainee registration renewals).  For information on how to find Board-approved continuing education, see our website here.

Beginning January 2019 the Board requires all licensees to complete their Free CE Broker Account prior to renewing their license. (note: CEUs are not required for Trainee registrations, or licensees in Inactive/Escrow status).  

Prior to renewal of your license be sure all CE hours are complete and submitted into your free CE Broker account. Sign into your free CE Broker account at https://cebroker.com to submit your CE certificates. Step by step instructions on using CE Broker can be found here, and information on the Board's continuing education requirements can be found here.

Once your CE Broker account is complete you may log into the Ohio e-License portal at https://eLicense.ohio.gov to renew your license.

Inactive/Escrow Status

If you are not practicing and do not wish to renew your active license at this time you have two options:

Inactive Escrow status: is a non-practicing status that allows licensees to renew their license without completing continuing education. The Inactive Escrow status was designed for those wanting to put their license in an inactive, non-practicing status because they have retired but do not want to let their license expire, are not currently practicing or working in another field, living out of state, etc. but only you can determine if inactive status is appropriate for your circumstances.

A renewal to go into Inactive Escrow status will not require continuing education, however continuing education will be required to go from Inactive to Active status.  Important Note: Renewing into Inactive Escrow status requires renewal every 2 years and payment of a reduced renewal fee. Late fees do apply to late renewals.

You may review details of the Inactive Escrow status here.

Late renewal

You may allow your license to lapse by not renewing your license. During this lapsed period, you are not able to practice or refer to yourself as licensed, but you are eligible to still renew. Late fees do apply, and all late renewals are audited. If a licensee misses two renewals, the license will expire.


Do Not Plan to Renew

If you do not plan to renew your license and keep the license Active or current in Inactive Escrow status due to no longer practicing or retiring, there is nothing further you need to do. However, the Board does not have a retirement status to place your license into. Just allow the license to expire after 2 consecutive non-renewal periods. Once expired you will no longer receive correspondence from this Board. You may do this without penalty or additional fees.