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Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing Education Requirements

  • Thirty Clock Hours of continuing education are required for all license renewals every two years from the date of licensure. Three of the thirty hours must cover ETHICS. 
  • Social Work Assistant (SWA) Registrations require 30 hours of continuing education every two years and at least three of those hours must cover ethics.  As authorized in House Bill 509, SWAs renewing AFTER 4/5/2023 are required to complete 15 hours of continuing education, 3 hour so which must be in ethics. 
  • All hours must be completed, approved or post approved before the licensee renews even if the licensee is renewing early. 
  • Licensees are not able to take the same CEU twice within a 2 year renewal period 4757-9-06(D)
  • All continuing education completed within the State of Ohio must be pre-approved by the board to count toward  your renewal, however only the sponsoring organization may submit for pre-approval. Pre-approved trainings will have a board approval number similar to these numbers: (RCSTX00000 or MCSTX0000) a C in the approval number indicates approval for counselors, a S approval for social workers and a T approval for therapist.
  • Social Workers may complete programs approved by the OH CSWMFT Board, NASW National, NASW Ohio Chapter*, and ASWB.
  • Counselors may complete programs approved by the OH CSWMFT Board, and *NASW Ohio Chapter (approval number 33XXXX). Other State chapters of NASW and NASW National (approval number 88XXXX) must be submitted for post program approval.  NBCC is also acceptable for Ohio counselor renewal (NBCC programs approved for less than 1 full hour will not be accepted)      
  • MFTs may complete programs approved by the OH CSWMFT Board and NASW Ohio Chapter (approval number 33XXXX) Other State chapters of NASW and NASW National (approval number 88XXXX) must be submitted for post program approved.
  •  AAMFT now has OH CSWMFT Board approval. Programs completed through AAMFT will no longer need to be submitted for post program approval unless completed before June 19, 2022.
  • An IMFT with the supervision designation will need to complete 3 hours of supervision by completing the AAMFT supervision refresher course or an equivalent supervision course every renewal cycle.         


  •  All licensees or registrants are required to complete three hours of  ETHICS.  Ethical CEs may or may not contain the word ethics in the title or description. Some CEs cover 'ethical subjects' such as:
  • Scope of Practice
  • Confidentiality
  • Multiple relationships
  • Documentation
  • Termination
  • Boundary concerns
  • Cultural diversity
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Informed consent
  • Record keeping
  • Electronic service delivery
  • Impaired practice


  • LPCC-S & LPC-S 

    As an Ohio counselor appropriate documentation of supervision consist of a master-level supervision course, approved supervision course completed during any past renewal, or continuing education designed to train counselors in supervision and list supervision on the attendance certificate.  When signed into CE Broker your search for supervision courses will only show approved courses for Ohio counselors.

    Your certificates can be uploaded into the application for the Training Supervision Designation located in Ohio e-License (24 hours of supervision is required).  These same certificates can be submitted into CE Broker toward the renewal of your license (if completed within your two year renewal period). If you have any questions you may contact Yolanda.berry@cswb.ohio.gov who will review your application for the supervision endorsement. Ref. 4757-9-02(A)

  • LISW-S holding the supervising designation must complete 3 hours of supervisory training per renewal cycle, in addition to the three hours of ethics required of all licenses.  This type of supervision needs to be focused on training supervision of LSW’s working toward their two years of supervised practice or SWTs in their field work. TIP: supervision should contain content that includes the: supervisor, supervisee and the client. ref: 475709-03(D) / 4757-23-01 paragraph (E)(3)(b)
  • IMFT-S: All independent marriage and family therapists with training supervision designation who have not previously completed the AAMFT thirty hour supervision course or AAMFT supervision refresher course shall maintain their supervision designation status by obtaining three hours in an AAMFT approved supervision refresher course approved by the MFT professional standards committee or equivalent supervision course prior to renewal. All independent marriage and family therapists with training supervision designation who have previously completed the AAMFT thirty hour supervision course or AAMFT supervision refresher course, provided they can show evidence of completion, shall complete three hours every renewal cycle in any supervision course that is approved by this board for marriage and family therapists, and which includes ethics of supervision.

Dual Licensure

Dual Licensure renewal applicants who hold two or more licenses issued by this board may use their CE's toward renewal of both licenses as long as the CE's were taken within the two year renewal cycle of both licenses and approved for both licenses.

4757-7-01 Renewal of license or certificate of registration (B)(2)(2) Renewal applicants who hold two or more licenses issued by this board shall satisfy the continuing professional education requirements for each license they wish to renew. Continuing professional education used to renew one license or certificate of registration issued by this board may be used to renew another license or certificate of registration if it is approved for that license or certificate of registration.

Distance Learning

  • Distance Learning means a formal education process, in which instruction occurs when the students and instructor(s) are not located in the same place.” Distance learning refers to all non traditional methods of presentation  such as online programs, home study, teleconference, and recorded webinars.                                            
  • Social workers may complete 30 hours of distance learning training for each renewal. 
  • Counselors may complete 30 hours of distance learning training for each renewal. 
  • Marriage & Family Therapist may complete 30 hours of distance learning training for each renewal. 
  • All face to face continuing education completed within the State of Ohio must be pre-approved (only the sponsoring organization may submit for pre-approval).
  • Currently Marriage & Family Therapist may submit in-state programs for post approval due to the limited number of providers for their profession.  These non-approved in-state programs must show approval for Counselors or Social Workers. The MFT will need to request  post program approval through CE Broker before the hours will count towards their renewal.  

How can I remove Supervision Designation

Removal of the supervision designation from your license must be completed prior to renewal. If you renew your license with the supervision designation you must have completed the supervision hours prior to renewal. Renewing without the required hours completed is a violation of CSWMFT Board rules and may result in criminal and/or administrative sanctions.

Rule 4757-9-01(C) of the Administrative Code for marriage and family therapists;

Rule 4757-9-02(A) of the Administrative Code for professional counselors;

Rule 4757-9-03(D) of the Administrative Code for social workers

To remove the supervision designation:

Send an email to the Renewal Coordinator requesting your supervision designation be removed. The request to remove your supervision designation must be submitted & completed prior to the renewal of your license.

Post Program CEU Approval

Click this link for more information on Post Program Approval.  

Requesting Post Program Approval should be submitted within ninety (90) days of completing continuing education hours. Sign into your CE Broker account and click: Report CE hours. Then, scroll down to Post Program Approval Process and click Begin to the right. Input the required information such as date, type of hours completed and the number of hours awarded. Then, enter the remaining required information before uploading the type of documentation you are requesting Post Approval for. *In some cases a course description is also required. See below. 


1. Documentation that the program presenter(s) met the requirements of paragraph (A)(2)(a) of this rule;
2. A copy of the program brochure and other documentation, if necessary, demonstrate that the program met the requirements of paragraphs (A)(2)(b) to (A)(2)(f) of this rule;
3. A certificate of completion, transcripts, grade card, or signed statement from the presenter to demonstrate the licensee’s attendance at the program or course.

Allow 1 week for your post-approval request to be evaluated. You will be sent an email once the approved hours are added to your CE Broker account.  

Do not renew your license until you have completed all  30 hours and have received proof your non-approved course has been approved and the hours added to your CE Broker account.   

Renew Every Two Years

  • All OCSWMFT licensees are required to renew every two years on the date of issuance. For example if you were licensed October 10, 1986 your first renewal date would have been October 10, 1988. 

  • License renewal notifications are emailed to each licensee 90, 60, 30, and 15 days prior to your renewal date. The renewal notice includes registration information for first time renewal . For those licensees who are already registered in the ‘elicense” system the notice contains your license number and renewal date, and requirements.
  • Continuing education must be completed prior to renewing your license this includes the 3 hour ethics requirement for all licensees and 3 hours of supervision training required for licensees granted the supervisory designation.

Cost of Renewal ~ Late Fees

  • You may renew any time prior to midnight on your expiration date. Renewals submitted after the expiration date will be charged a $40.00 late fee. Social Work Assistants (SWA) late fee $20.00.
  • Licensees have until midnight of their renewal date to renew their license.

Cost of Renewal:

There is a $3.50 fee per transation required by the State of Ohio 
SWA: Cost of Renewal $63.50 ~ Late fee: $20
LSW, LPC & MFT: Cost of Renewal $83.50 ~ Late fee $40
LPCC, LISW & IMFT: Cost of Renewal $103.50 ~ Late fee $ 40

Mailing of Renewal Notice ~ Request Lost User ID & Password

  • License renewal notifications are emailed to the email address the Board has on file for you 90 days before your license expires.  The  email contains your license renewal date and information about signing into elicense.ohio.gov to renew your license. 
  • Your license is eligible for renewal once you receive this notice.  DO NOT RENEW EARLY IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED ALL 30 CEU HOURS. 
  • If you do not receive a renewal email please contact the board. to update your email address.

Early Renewal ~ Late Renewal

Early Renewal: 

Many licensees will receive their renewal notice one to four months in advance. If you renew your license early it is important to know:

  •  You cannot begin taking CEUs towards your next renewal until your renewal date has passed.
  • All 30 of your CEU hours must be completed when you renew your license. Renewing your license with less than 30 approved hours is a violation of the law. 

Late Renewal: 

  1. If you have not completed your CEUs, do not renew your license until all CEUs have been completed. 
  2. If you are not practicing within the state of Ohio, the CSWMFT Board does allow for late renewal. However, you cannot skip a renewal. If you have not renewed your license by your renewal date you are not able practice or refer to yourself as licensed. 
  3. If the license has lapsed for less than two years, and you have completed 30 approved CEUs and submitted a renewal application and fee, the license will be renewed to the next renewal date. 
  4. For example: you did not renew your license in June 2011 instead you renewed your 2011 renewal late in June 2013. In June 2015 you will need to renew your 2013 renewal. You are not able to skip a renewal and you cannot practice on a lapsed license. 
  5. If you allow your license to remain in a lapsed status beyond your next renewal date your license will expire and you will have to re-test and re-apply for licensure under the current Laws and Rules. 

Banking Hours towards your next renewal

  • Banking hours 30 clock hours of continuing education is required for each renewal, if you complete more than the required 30 hours you may bank up to 12 of the  additional hours toward your next renewal. To bank hours you simply keep documentation of 30 hours for both renewal periods showing the hours were not used previously. This information is submitted with your continuing education audit. 
  • The Board is not able to keep track of your extra CEU hours. You will need to hold onto copies of the certificates from your previous renewal in order to prove you completed extra hours. You will need copies of your extra CEU hours (completed in the past renewal period but) not previously used. You must complete at least 18 hours within your present renewal period in order to bank the 12 extra hours from your previous renewal. If audited you will list and attach copies of all the certificates on your audit form; for a total of 60 hours (30+12+18=60)

Update Mailing Address ~ Name Change

  • Learn more about updating your personal information here.
  • Address Change: If your address has changed within the last 90 days you will need to notify the CSWMFT Board during the renewal process.  
  • Name Change: THE NAME LISTED IN THE BOARD'S DATABASE IS THE ONLY NAME YOU ARE LEGALLY ABLE TO PRACTICE UNDER. If your name has changed within the last 90 days you will need to notify the OCSWMFT Board of your NAME CHANGE during the renewal process.

Proof of Renewal ~ Wallet Card~ License Verification~ Audit

Proof of Renewal: During the online renewal process you will receive a receipt from the bank processing your payment. The CSWMFT Board does not generate this receipt. 

Wallet Card: As of January 16, 2015 the CSWMFT Board voted to discontinue wallet cards. Your license can now be verified by using the Board's online license verification. 

License Verification: Once you have renewed your license online your license will be renewed the next business day. At this time your license has been updated to your next renewal date; this can be confirmed by going to Online License Verification

Audit: The audit is pulled after your license has been updated. The audit does not hold up renewal  of your license. 

Felony 1st Degree Misdemeanor

If you have been convicted of a felony or first degree misdemeanor since your last renewal or since licensure you are required under law to report all misdemeanor and/or felony convictions (other than minor traffic violations). Failure to report any police record is falsification of an application and is grounds for denial of an application for renewal.

CE Extension Request ~ Extra time to complete your CE hours

From time to time there are extenuating circumstances that interfere with how we operate in our professional lives. Licensees may request an extension for the renewal of their license for extenuating physical medical circumstances only.  These requests must be made in writing, by the licensee, and documented and accompanied by a medical statement from your attending physician, specialist, or surgeon. The statement must include the circumstance to which you need the extension and the amount of time recommended by your medical provider for the extension. Email Requests should be submitted to the Board’s Renewal Coordinator at renewal@cswb.ohio.gov on or before your license renewal expiration date.

Military Deployment & Renewal

Military Deployment and renewal. If a licensee or their spouse is Military (active or reserve) special consideration is given. Contact the Renewal Coordinator to discuss your options. Detailed information is listed under the Quick Links see Military Licensing.