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CE Broker FAQs
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CE Broker FAQs

Get help with using CEBroker. Here you'll find tips and guidance on reporting your continuing education to the Board

Am I required to sign-up with CE Broker? 

  • Yes. The Board notified licensees in December 2017 that CE Broker will be the Board's CE tracking service. In 2017 registering with CE Broker was only required during an audit. In Aug 2018 the Board notified licensees renewing after January 2019 to upload 30 hours into their free CE Broker account prior to renewiing their license. All CSWMFT Board licensees are requried to submit 30 approved hours into their FREE CE Broker account prior to renewal of their license. 


(Links to: https://www.cebroker.com/oh/account/basic)

Please contact CE Broker directly at (877) 434-6323 (M-F 8AM to 8PM EST) or mailto:support@cebroker.com with any questions or issues signing in or uploading certificates. 

From your CE Broker dashboard Click: Report CE hours to begin. If you run into problems call me Paula Broome at 614-752-5165. When you have uploaded all 30 hours’ worth of certificates you’re done!   

How likely is my continuing education to be audited?

  • The CSWMFT Board may audit 50 to 100% of licensees to verify compliance with continuing education requirements. If compliant in CE Broker, you will have already completed the electronic audit. 

How will I know I have earned enough hours to renew my license? 

  • With a basic free account you're able to log in anytime to see how many hours you've completed. CE Broker automatically determines compliance with Board renewal requirements. 

When I renew, will I have to submit evidence of having completed the required number of continuing education hours? 

  • At this time when you renew through the e-license portal you attest to having completed all 30 hours of continuing education. 

Do I need to retain course completion certificates? 

  • Licensees shall retain documentation of continuing education hours for inspection by the Board for 4 years after the date of renewal. Once you have opened your basic free account through CE Broker you can upload and track your hours throughout licensure. 

What documentation is required?

  • 30 hours completed every 2 years. Acceptable documentation to prove continuing education include attendance certificates that list: the attendee's name, Board approval, date of completion, hours earned, title of program and signature of instructor or official representative of the sponsoring organization. Non--approved college coursework will need post approval  before the hours can be counted. 

Will CE Broker notify me when my continuing education deadline is approaching?

  • If you have a professional account and your email address is correct reminders will be sent 60, 30, and 15 day intervals prior to renewal.

Will CE Broker notify me when my license expiration date is approaching?

  • If you have a professional account and your email address is correct reminders will be sent 60, 30 and 15 days prior to your renewal date.

Will CE Broker notify me if my CE requirements change? For example, if a new requirement is added?

  • Yes, CE Broker notifies all of its subscribers of continuing education requirement changes or updates. If a new requirement is being added for the next license period you will be notified via system messaging as well as email. 

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