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Out of State Licensees with Clients Moving to or Temporarily Residing in Ohio

Out of State Licensees with Clients Moving to or Temporarily Residing in Ohio

Ohio Administrative Code Rule 4757-1-09 https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-administrative-code/rule-4757-1-09 allows the Ohio CSWMFT Board to extend Conditional Permission to Practice to out of state licensed Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists with existing clients either moving to or temporarily residing in the State of Ohio for an extended period. The conditional permission can be granted for one client for a maximum of six (6) months, upon board approval. This will allow you to continue to provide services to your client while providing ample time to implement a plan of transitioning your client to an Ohio licensed professional or completing the application process for an Ohio license. Obtaining full Ohio licensure will be required for the need to provide services to more than one client or to continue to work with a client located in Ohio beyond the approved six-month approval.

Services may be delivered through teletherapy provided services are rendered in accordance with all applicable Ohio laws and rules. Please Note: The Conditional Permission to Practice will not be granted for licensed professionals who wish to serve new clients in Ohio. 

To receive the Conditional Permission, please email your request to the Board’s Renewal Coordinator at renewal@cswb.ohio.gov once your client is either residing in the state of Ohio or you are aware of a date that they will begin residing in Ohio. Include your name(licensee), license number and state where licensed, contact phone number, and a signed acknowledgement from the client that you have informed them that the Conditional Permission to Practice is temporary. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive an emailed response of the approval for the Conditional Permission. Once you have received the emailed approval for the Conditional Permission to Practice, please retain the email for your records. 

Instructions to apply for Ohio licensure for out of state applicants, by license type, can be found by clicking the links below.