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LPCC Supervision Experience Documentation


If you are an LPCC-S, the information on this page will help guide you on how to submit documentation training supervision hours for an LPC who is working toward their LPCC. eLicense Ohio now provides on-line forms for you to submit these supervision reports to the Board.  

Please submit the supervision evaluation as soon as supervision is completed. This includes when the required hours are met, or when a supervision relationship is terminated.

To submit the training supervision documentation form, please see the instructions below.  For additional guidance, including screen shots of the eLicense system, see the Attachment section on this page.

1. Log into eLicense Ohio

2. From the Dashboard, on your LPCC license tile, click the OPTIONS button, then select LPCC Ver. Of Supervised Experience. NOTE: You will see other supervision reporting options for the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board since certain CSWMFT licensees can provide supervision for Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board licensees. Other instructions are provided for those reports.

3. The LPCC Ver. Of Supervised Experience page displays. In the box labeled Supervisee License # or Name, search for the LPCC candidate you supervised by entering their name or license number. After you enter at least three characters, matching records will appear from which you can select the person you supervised.

4. Read the instructions then click the SAVE & CONTINUE button.

5. Complete the LPCC Verification of Supervised Experience form then click the SAVE & CONTINUE button.

6. A page for submitting documents appears – there are no submissions associated with the LPCC Verification of Supervised Experience Form, so nothing needs to be attached here. Click the SAVE & CONTINUE button.

7. An attestation pop up displays. After reading the attestation, if you agree click the box and then click the SUBMIT button, otherwise click the CANCEL button. The reference report is submitted to the Board. After they approve the report (status = Complete), summary data from your report are available for the LPCC applicant to view on their dashboard in eLicense Ohio.

8. A submission message displays. Click the DONE button.

9. If you want to see a list of the supervision reports you have completed or have submitted, from your dashboard, click the MY HISTORY button then select History Type = Service Requests.