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Below is a list of Board staff members, their responsibilities and contact information. Staff members may also be reached through the main number 614-466-0912 or the Board general email.   

Bill Hegarty

Deputy Director/Investigations

Brian Carnahan

Executive Director

Andy Miller

Compliance Officer, Marriage and Family Therapist Licensure Coordinator, Name Changes

Ebony Turner

SWA/SWT Licensure Coordinator & Exam Pre- Approvals

Marcus Broome

Public Inquiries Officer

Margaret-Ann Adorjan


Patty Miller

Program/Provider Continuing Education Coordinator

Paula Broome

Continuing Education Audit Coordinator & Webmaster

Rachel Randall


Rena Elliott

LPC/LPCC Licensure Coordinator

Simeon Frazier

LSW/LISW/LISW-Supervisor Licensure Coordinator

Tiffany Couts

Renewal Coordinator (Not for CT or SWT renewals) Please contact Ebony Turner(SWT) or Yolanda Berry(CT)

Tracey Hosom


Yolanda Berry

Counselor Trainee, Counseling Supervision Endorsement, and Out-of-State Counseling Licensure Coordinator