Staff Listing

Below is a list of Board staff members, their responsibilities and contact information. Staff members may also be reached through the main number 614-466-0912 or the Board general email.   

Please review this information carefully, as several staff positions changed in 2017.

Brian Carnahan

Executive Director

614-752-5161 email

Bill Hegarty

Deputy Director/Investigations

614-728-4360 email
Andy Miller

MFT Licensure Coordinator, Compliance, Name Changes

614-466-7131 email 

Paula Broome

Continuing Education Audit Coordinator & Webmaster

614-752-5165 email

Rena Elliott

LPC/LPCC Licensure Coordinator

614-466-6462 email
Rachel Randall


614-466-5436 email

Yolanda Berry

CT & LPC/LPCC-Supervisor Coordinator

614-995-0548 email

Tracey Hosom


614-728-7791 email
Raymond Lund

Customer Service, Address Changes, Criminal Records Check Information, License Verification

614-466-0912 email
Ebony Turner


SWA/SWT Licensure Coordinator & Exam Pre- Approvals

614-387-6038 email
Margaret Ann Adorjan


614-644-0222 email

Patty Miller

Program/Provider Continuing Education Coordinator

614-728-7792 email

Simeon Frazier

LSW/LISW/LISW-Supervisor Licensure Coordinator

614-466-5465 email