LISW Professional Employment Reference


4757-23-01 Social Work Supervision

Please submit supervision evaluations as soon as supervision is completed including both when the required hours are met, or when a supervision relationship is terminated,  to ensure licensure applications can be processed.

  • Ohio Training Supervisors are required to enter their Identity Code when completing this form. Supervisors licensed outside the State of Ohio will need to enter the State where they are licensed to practice. 

Under your Training Supervision the Applicant was engaged in the practice of social work with the intention to apply for a license as a Licensed Independent Social Worker. The supervisor and the supervisee both share responsibility for carrying out their role in this collaborative process of professional growth and development. The training supervisor is responsible for providing direction to the supervisee, who applies social work theory, standardized knowledge, skills, competency, and applicable ethical content in the practice setting. The recommendation you provide should be based upon the work you have done with the applicant over the previous two or more years. The Board provides additional information regarding Training Supervision on its web site. 

Please note two important definitions when completing the reference:
a) Individual supervision means face-to face contact between a supervisor and an individual supervisee in a private session wherein the supervisor and supervisee deal with problems unique to the practice of that supervisee.
b) Group Supervision means face-to face contact between a supervisor and a small group (not to exceed six supervisees) in a private session wherein practice problems are dealt with that are similar in nature and complexity to all supervisees in the group.

LISW Professional Employment Reference Form


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