Supervision Training for LISW

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 Training Supervision for LSWs Working Towards an LISW 


1)  A Professional Employment Reference (PER) must be submitted by each training supervisor. 

a)  The supervisee must be an LSW before supervised social work experience can begin.

b)   If the supervisee has more than one training supervisor, each supervisor will need to complete a PER.The PER should be given to the supervisor prior to termination of supervision.

c)  The supervisor is required to complete the PER t within thirty days of the completion of supervision.


2)  See 4757-19-02(C)(2) at  4757-19-02 for LISW experience requirements

(a)  “Two years employment experience” means 24 months of supervised experience which  includes three thousand hours of work for a fee, salary, or otherconsiderations during which time the applicant was engaged in the practice of social work and held licensure as a social worker; except that no applicant may becredited with more than fifteen hundred hours of experience during any twelve-month period.


3)  See 4757-23-01(D)  for LISW supervision requirements. One hour of individual and/or group supervision for each twenty hours of work by the supervisee with  no less than one hundred fifty (150) hours total. Supervision means face-to-face contact between a supervisor and supervisee(s) in a private session wherein the supervisor and supervisee(s) deal with problems unique to the practice of the supervisee(s).  Supervision shall be provided by an LISW-S (LISW with Supervision Designation) unless a hardship request is granted.


4)  Records of training supervision shall be maintained by the supervisee and made available to the board upon request. The supervision records shall contain information concerning the dates of supervision, content and goals of supervision. The supervisor shall sign the supervision records at  least quarterly to document their review. Click here for a copy of a  sample supervision log .  On this log, you may also be asked to identify the social work competencies you’re currently working on developing.  You can find more information about the nine core competencies of social work practice through the Council on Social Work Education2015 EPAS