Information for the New SWA

Social Worker Assistant – Reference Documents Essential Information for the New SWA


4757.26(D) (D):  A person who receives a certificate of registration to practice as a social work assistant is not authorized to engage in the practice of social work. A social work assistant, under the direct supervision of a psychologist, psychiatrist, licensed professional clinical counselor, licensed professional counselor, independent marriage and family therapist, independent social worker, social worker, or registered nurse who holds a master's degree in psychiatric nursing, may provide human, social, and community services that include intake assessment and referral, screening, crisis intervention and resolution, community support, case management and outreach, record keeping, social assessment, visual observation of an individual in the individual's environment, assistance in facilitation with groups and families, advocacy, and orientation, education, and prevention services. 


2) 4757-21-01 Scope of practice for a registered social work assistant:


3) Consumer brochure 


4) 4757-23-01 Social work supervision


5) Renewal information


6) Obtaining your CEUs


7) 4757-9-04 Clock hours for continuing professional education:


8) Laws and Rules


9) Public records policy


10) Staff to contact