LSW Temporary License Instructions

We may be able to issue a temporary LSW only if the LSW application is complete except for transcripts.  In order to receive an LSW temporary license you will need to get a letter from your school stating that you are in good standing, that you have met all the academic requirements for your social work degree, and when your degree will be conferred. See the following rule:

Excerpt from: 

4757-19-06 Requirements for social work applicants wishing to obtain a temporary social work license.

(F) A temporary license may be issued by the board to an otherwise qualified applicant for licensure as a social worker who has completed the educational requirements for licensure but is awaiting the actual awarding of the degree. To qualify for the
temporary license the applicant shall submit with the application a letter from the academic institution which will awarding the qualifying degree indicating:
(1) That they are in good standing with the university,
(2) That they have met all the academic requirements for the degree, and
(3) When the degree will be conferred.

Please complete the form below to request an LSW temporary license application.

Request for Temporary License Application