IMPORTANT ~ After passing the ASWB exam:

PRINT: After passing Exam


To earn your LSW license, you need to be sure you have completed all the steps:

Your Official test score will be received by the Board on the Wednesday following the week you took the exam.


1.)   View the Board's online Laws & Rules Video:  No certificate or acknowledgement will be issued indicating that you watched the video and you do not need to report to the Board that you viewed it.

2.)   Complete the BCI and FBI background checks: Background checks are valid for one year once completed.

3.)   Have your school submit OFFICIAL transcripts, showing your degree conferred, directly to the board.  You can have your transcript emailed to (preferred method of delivery), or mailed to the address below.  Please note:  Your degree must be awarded in order for your official transcript can be accepted.  Many schools may take as long as 1-4 weeks following graduation to post your degree to your transcript.  Your license can not be issued until after you have graduated and submitted a transcript showing the degree.


Documents required for completing your LSW licensure file:

1.)   LSW application with fee

2.)   ASWB Test Results

3.)   BCI and FBI Criminal Records Check

4.)   Official Transcript showing your conferred degree, sent directly from your school.


Once you are licensed, you will receive an email from the board indicating that you may now call yourself an LSW. A wall certificate will be attached to this email, which you may print and display in your workplace.

You may be eligible for temporary license if your application is complete and your degree has been awarded to you, but the formal transcript has not yet been issued by your school. If your application is complete except for the transcript, contact to see if you qualify for a temporary license.