2017 renewal period - 30+(12 previously un-used hours)  

2019 renewal period - 18 hours (completed during your 2019 renewal period).



BANKING HOURS: Licensees who used banked hours from their previous renewal in 2017 will need to show a total of 60 hours’ worth of certificates.  30 hours from the previous renewal plus any extra/unused hours (no more than 12 hours). A total of 18 hours must have been completed during their 2019 renewal period for a total of 60 hours. 

Because this is our first year with CE Broker hours completed during your past renewal 2017 will not add towards your total hours.  They will be listed as completed outside your renewal period. Regardless continue to upload all 60 hours. You can review your course transcript to all see listed hours. If you have a free basic account, you will need to add up the hours yourself. When banking hours your transcript will show as incomplete that’s fine it just means your renewal will need to be reviewed manually.