Renewal Questions MEDTAPP

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In cooperation with the Medicaid Technical Assistance and Policy Program (MEDTAPP) the CSWMFT Board has added some questions to license applications and license renewal applications. Answers to the questions will help researchers and other stakeholders explore the size and capacity of Ohio’s healthcare workforce, as well as to help identify gaps and forecast future needs. The information you provide will be helpful in setting healthcare policy in the State of Ohio, developing programs, and applying for funding to train Ohio’s future healthcare workers.

Many of the questions are self-explanatory. The information below pertains to questions added to gather information for the MEDTAPP. When the license application or renewal application is saved and ready for submission, eLicense may show on the review and submit page that certain questions were not answered. Clicking on the corresponding section of the application that appears in the oblong band at the top of the application (shown below) will enable you to return to that section to complete the questions. Note: If you are not actively working (e.g. retired, on a leave of absence) or volunteering in a position that requires this license (e.g. student or recent graduate) employment location information is optional. These questions may be flagged as incomplete when submitting the application. However, the application can still be submitted.