Beginning Jan 2019, the CSWMFT Board asks all licensees to upload proof of their continuing education to CE Broker. The CSWMFT Board has partnered with CE Broker to help licensees track their continuing education. CE Broker has software that will allow Board staff to speed up the approval process for non-approved programs, provider approval and the audit of over thirty-five thousand licensees.  Best of all CE Broker will give licensees an up to date searchable database for approved continuing education programs. As with any new software there will be issues that crop up and need to be resolved.  CE Broker and this Board are committed to correcting all issues as they arise.

CE BROKER is a continuing education tracking program. If you run into problems signing in or uploading certificates, contact a CE Broker Support person. If you have questions renewal requirements, banking hours, non-approved hours contact the CSWMFT Board.

CE BROKER offers licensees three different account types. Two of the paid accounts are the Concierge account a full reporting service at $99 per year, and the Professional account with added benefits for $29 per year. Lastly CE Broker offers a limited access account, their Basic account, where you report your hours manually.  CE Broker’s free basic account is all you need to complete this audit & track your continuing education hours throughout licensure.