Name Change

Dear Licensee,


 Go to:


Click Login / Create Your Account.and log in as an Existing User with your User Id (your email address) and the unique password you created when you registered.  Then go to your license “tile” (it looks like a mini certificate) and click on “Options.”


From the drop-down menu under the “Options” button you can choose to:

  •         Renew
  •         Reinstate
  •         Duplicate/Replacement Wall Certificate
  •         Change Address
  •         Change Name (licensees with multiple licenses should indicate in the comments which license certificates to replace) 
    • Only one name  change fee must be paid even if certificates for two or more licenses are requested, e.g. MFT  and LPC wall certificates.  
  •         Send Verification
  •         Special Request
  •         Submit additional Documentation