Moving to Another State?


Moving to Another State?

The term “reciprocity” is often used by licensees who wish to obtain a license in another state.  Reciprocity means that two or more states have a written agreement under which a licensee from one state can be licensed in the other states under that agreement. Ohio has no licensing reciprocity agreements with other states. 

There is also no process to “transfer” your license from one state to another.  You may seek licensure in another state and continue to maintain your Ohio license.

The term “endorsement” means using your active license in Ohio to help you meet the licensure requirements in another state.  Some states have endorsement rules so check with the licensing board of the state to which you are moving.

To locate a licensing board:

Social Workers:  Association of Social Work Boards;

Counselors: National Board for Certified Counselors;

Marriage and Family Therapists: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy;

The state in which you are applying for licensure may want Ohio to verify your license, (or your previous license if your license is not active) or provide a letter of good standing.  If so, submit a request for a verification via the eLicense Portal. Login in to . From your license tile, select under options "send verification". Please note there is a $25 charge, payable via credit card, for processing license verification requests. 

Some states have a verification form that they want this board to complete.  If so, send the other state verification form to, noting the service request number (provided when you submit your request through the eLicense Portal).   If the other state does not have a form we will use our own format.  This is also a good time to notify the Board of any address change.

Be sure to provide accurate information regarding where the verification is to be mailed.  (We will also mail or e-mail  you a copy of the verification.)  If the verification is to be sent to you to include in your application to the other state you will receive 2 envelopes; the original with a signature stamp across the envelope seal and a copy for your records.