Marriage & Family Therapist Temporary

MFT Temporary License Instructions

The temporary MFT license is for new license applicants (or applicants coming into Ohio from other states) who have applied for licensure, scheduled an exam date, and are waiting to take the examination.  The temporary license permits an applicant to practice marriage and family therapy and gain supervised experience while waiting to take the examination. The temporary license is effective only until: a) one year from the date of issuance, b) failure of the exam, or c) withdrawal from taking the exam, whichever comes first. The temporary license is mainly reserved for those applicants that have an employment position pending and are waiting to take the examination.

In order to apply for the temporary MFT license, an applicant first needs to have:

1) Applied for the full MFT license

2) Been approved to test

3) Scheduled a test date

4) Completed the BCI/FBI background checks

5) Had an official transcript submitted to the Board, directly from your school

If you have not yet completed any of those steps, please refer to the MFT application instructions here:  Only once these steps have been completed, and your test date has been scheduled, are you eligible to apply for the temporary MFT license.

The fee for temporary licensure is $20.  Once you have completed all of the items above, you may complete the below form to request an MFT temporary license application.

Request Temporary License Application