Independent Marriage and Family Therapist Instructions


Requirements: completion of at least two calendar years of supervised training while engaged in the practice of marriage and family therapy, including at least 200 hours of face-to-face training supervision (100 of which must be individual supervision) and 1,000 hours of direct client contact (500 of which must be relational, with couples and/or families present).  


Steps toward Licensure (ALL items must be completed before your IMFT can be issued):

1.     Each of your training supervisors must submit Verification of Supervised Experience:  

The requirement is at least two full years of supervised MFT experience. This means at least 24 full months, during which time you are practicing marriage and family therapy (at least 1,000 hours of direct client contact, 500 of which must be relational) and also receiving training supervision. See the full supervision rule here.

Supervision shall total a minimum of 200 hours, although no more than 100 of these hours may be group supervision. Supervision shall be provided either by a) an IMFT-S, or b) an AAMFT Approved Supervisor who is also licensed as an Ohio IMFT, LPCC-S, psychologist or psychiatrist, or c) an AAMT Supervisor Candidate who is also licensed as an Ohio IMFT, LPCC-S, psychologist or psychiatrist.  Request for exceptions due to hardship shall be made in writing to the board.


2.     Once supervision forms are submitted, complete the IMFT application online and pay the $100 application fee (plus a $3.50 processing fee) at  You will need to register and create a User ID and password to access the e-License system if you haven’t already done so.  Once you’ve registered, complete the application for Independent Marriage and Family Therapist


3.     If you have not already passed the AMFTRB exam, you will receive an exam pre-approval email after you apply, approving you to take the exam and giving instructions.  If you have already passed the exam, a copy of your exam score should be on file with the Board.


4.    View the Board's online Laws and Rules video:  This is a review of the Board’s rules and ethics requirements, and will help you understand your responsibilities as a licensee.


5.    If the Board does not already have your official transcripts on file, have your school submit official transcripts,showing your degree conferred, directly to the board.  You can have an electronic transcript emailed to (preferred method of delivery), or a paper copy mailed to the address below.


6.     Complete the BCI and FBI background checks: Background checks are valid for one year once completed.


Documents required for completing your IMFT licensure file:

1) Verifications of Supervised Experience

2) IMFT application with fee

3) AMFTRB exam Results

4) View the Board’s online Laws and Rules Video

5) Official Transcript sent directly from your school

6) BCI and FBI Criminal Records Check


Once you are licensed, you will receive an email from the board indicating that you may now call yourself a IMFT. A wall certificate will be attached to this email, which you may print and display in your workplace.