IMFT with Supervision Designation

The IMFT-S application must be submitted through the eLicense Portal.  Please review the information below to see how you can qualify to add the supervision designation to your IMFT.  

To apply for the IMFT-S:  Log in to your eLicense profile, scroll down to your IMFT license, and click the Options button.  When you click Options, you'll see an option to apply for an Endorsement.  Complete the application for the training supervision endorsement to apply for the IMFT-S.

Excerpt from 4757-29-01, Marriage and family therapy supervision:

(F) Requirements for marriage and family therapy professional training in supervision to qualify for a training supervision designation:

(1) After January 1, 2015, only independent marriage and family therapists who have obtained a training supervision designation may provide training supervision.

(2) Applicants for a training supervision designation after January 1, 2015 shall apply on forms required by the board and shall meet at least one of the following:

(a) An applicant who is an AAMFT approved supervisor who holds an Ohio independent marriage and family therapist license in good standing; or

(b) An applicant who holds an Ohio independent marriage and family therapist license in good standing and can document at least the following requirements:

(i) Two years post-licensure clinical experience as an independent marriage and family therapist; and

(ii) Completion of the AAMFT thirty hour supervision course.

(3) All independent marriage and family therapists with training supervision designation shall maintain that designation status by obtaining three hours in an AAMFT approved supervision refresher course or equivalent supervision course every renewal cycle.

For rules on how to provide MFT training supervision after you've earned your IMFT-S, see the link here: