Race & Gender Disparities in Healthcare: CE Courses

Race and Gender Disparities in Healthcare: Continuing Education Courses

In recognition that there are disparities in care based on race and gender, Senate Bill 332, passed in 2016, directs State Boards to determine if there are sufficient courses available to ensure licensees can access continuing education that will prepare them to identify and address these disparities. The following is a list of providers who offer courses that address issues of gender and race in clinical settings. Such courses can be used by licensees to meet their three hour continuing education ethics requirement.  Please note: this list is a sampling of available resources.  Many approved providers, as well as colleges and universities, offer courses that educate healthcare providers on race and gender-based disparities in providing care. Additional courses can be found at www.cebroker.com. The Ohio Commission on Minority Health has information and resources available on its website at http://mih.ohio.gov/