Supervision Requirements for LPCC

Two years and minimum of 3,000 hours are required.


Of the 3,000 hours, 50% must be clinical services that include diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

Of the 3, 000 hours a minimum of 1,500 are required to complete each year of supervised practice..You may take longer than a year to get 1,500 hours then start the second year.

If you have a doctorate in counseling, you may receive credit for up to one year of supervised practice in a doctoral internship with clinical focus. 

Have your supervisor complete the ONLINE FORM to document your doctoral internship hours of supervised practice.


Of the 1,500 each year


You will need to average one hour for every 20 hours worked (face-to-face supervision – group or individual) with your supervisor who must be a PCC-S. This will require a minimum of 75 hours per year for a total of 150 required hours.


Your supervisor must document the first 1,500 hours of supervised practice by completing the first of two ONLINE FORMS documenting your supervised practice.  Even if you complete both your training (1,500 per year) and supervision (total of 150) hours, you will need to continue until the two years of work experience have been completed. At that time, your supervisor is able to complete the  second & final ONLINE FORM documenting the remaining hours needed for LPCC licensure. 


PLEASE NOTE It is extremely important that the LPC keep a log of all “training supervision”  that includes face-toface supervision. This is the sole responsibility of the supervisee. Records of training supervision shall  be signed by the supervisor at least quarterly. 4757-17-01(D)(1)