BCI & FBI Instructions

PRINT BCI & FBI Instructions

Once completed BCI and FBI background checks are good for one year. 


The Board does not endorse or recommend any specific electronic fingerprinting company/ agency.


 BCI and FBI criminal records check are not required for renewal of your existing license. 


Carefully following these instructions is very important. The Board recommends that you print these instructions and take them with you when you have your finger prints scanned. For each initial licensure you must complete both the Ohio BCI&I (Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation also referred to as BCI) and FBI criminal records checks. By law, the Board cannot complete the processing of your application until it receives both the BCI and FBI background checks. 


Where to Have your Finger Prints Done: Go to a WebCheck location in your area, which may include your local police, sheriff’s department or department of motor vehicles. Your employer or school may also be a WebCheck® location; ask the background check office to review these instructions. Click on the link below to find a WebCheck® location in your area.



The Board does not endorse or recommend any specific electronic fingerprinting company/ agency.



The Process: Your finger prints will be scanned and sent electronically to BCI in London, Ohio. BCI completes the state of Ohio (BCI) and Federal (FBI) background checks by comparing fingerprints received against a database of criminal fingerprints to determine if there is a criminal record. BCI then electronically sends the results of both background checks to the CSWMFT Board.


Information You Must Tell the WebCheck Location:


1. The CSWMFT Board is on “Direct Copy” list. The WebCheck® Location will select “Social Work Board” from the Direct Copy drop-down list at the WebCheck® workstation.


(If “Social Work Board “ is not on the vendor’s Direct Copy List, the vendor must key the Board’s name and address into the “mail to” field of their software: CSWMFT  Board: 77 South High Street, 24th Floor, Room 2468  Columbus, Ohio 43215-6171)


2. The WebCheck® location must enter one of the following in the “Reason for Fingerprinting” field of their software: ORC 4757.101 or CSWMFT Board or Required for Licensure


If you have already completed a BCI background check for a different purpose within the last 12 months:


Click this link: Send a copy to the CSWMFT Board  and follow the instructions. This is FREE within the first 30 days of having your prints scanned and $8 afterwards for up to one year. Note:  A copy of your BCI will take approximately 45-60 days to process. BCI&I cannot send a copy of your previous FBI check; it will need to be repeated.


How Long Will it Take for the Board to Receive the Results?

Up to 4-6 weeks if you have a criminal history,4-5 business days if you do not. Start the process at least one (1) month before you want/expect to be licensed.


If you have had issues in the past with a WebCheck® location capturing quality fingerprints, you should start the process at least three (3) months before you want/expect to be licensed. If your fingerprints are rejected, you will need ink and roll cards to have fingerprints done manually, which takes extra time. Email the Board to request a packet containing the exemption instructions and request form.


Important Information for You to Know:

  • The CSWMFT Board cannot accept a photocopy or faxed copy of a past BCI or FBI background check.
  • Background checks are only good for one year after receipt by the Board.
  • The Board cannot accept a copy of background check results directly from you, another state, your college, a sheriff/police department or from your place of employment. The reports must come directly to the Board from BCI&I


Instructions for Individuals Outside of Ohio: Contact the Board by email (cswmft.info@cswb.ohio.gov  Subject Line: CRC) with your mailing address to request the out-of-state packet. The Board will mail the cards to you, so your fingerprints can be taken at your local law enforcement agency.


Out of state background checks can take up to 4 to 6 weeks. If you will be in Ohio before licensure, print these instructions and go to an Ohio WebCheck® location which will be a much faster process. You do not have to live in Ohio to have your criminal records check completed in Ohio.


Requesting a Copy of Your Completed Background Check Reports:  A copy of your BCI& FBI background checks is available until a licensure determination is made or up to one year if the application is still pending.  Once a licensure determination is made or the background check(s) is one year old when part of a pending application, the documents and any electronic copies will be destroyed.  Send an email or written request to the Board and a copy of the BCI & FBI background checks OR a certification of the results will be mailed to your home address.


Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation contact information: Call BCI&I if your criminal records checks have taken longer than 3 weeks to be received by the Board at 877-224-0043 between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.