Criminal Records Checks BCI & FBI

For each initial licensure you must complete both the Ohio BCI (Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation also referred to as BCI&I) and FBI criminal records checks. By law, the Board cannot complete the processing of your application until it receives both the BCI and FBI background check. Please note: criminal record checks are valid for no more than one year.  Applicants must have  current records checks on file with the Board at the time of licensure. 

For all applicants for CT, LPC, LPCC, SWA, SWT, LSW, LISW, MFT & IMFT. Print and take the BCI and FBI Instructions with you to a WebCheck® location to have your finger prints scanned.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation contact information: Call BCI if your criminal records checks have taken longer than 3 weeks to be received by the Board at 877-224-0043 between the hours of 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., option 7 at the prompt.

When reporting convictions, the applicant is required to provide a complete explanation (your personal statement) of the underlying circumstances, sufficient rehabilitation evidence and a certified copy of the court documents. All applicants are required under law to report all misdemeanor and felony convictions, with the exception of minor traffic violations (note: DUI/OVI charges are not considered traffic violations, and must be reported as criminal convictions). All charges and or convictions require a “yes” answer, even if the original charge and conviction is in an expunged status. Failure to report any police record is falsification of an application and is grounds for denial of an application. 

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