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Download the Laws & Rules governing the practice of counseling, social work and marriage and family therapy. This copy is effective 1-1-2013.

Click on What's New on left hand side of this page in the red section for an update on the CSWMFT legislative changes in work.

*Adobe Reader is required to view and print linked documents. If you do not have Acrobat Reader please visit Adobe's website to download a free copy.

Download the Board's Rule Making Guide, which explains how rules are made below. Download officially filed rule changes and /or the Public Hearing Notice for those changes below. The Public Hearing Notice provides a short synopsis of each rule change.

The board has several rules in the filing process.

Rule 4757-9-04 is in work from last year. The proposed change adds a quality standard instead of a word count. See proposed rule here: 4757-9-04 draft.

The Board has eight rule changes for filing including 4757-7-01, 4757-9-02, 4757-09-05, 4757-09-07, 4757-17-01, 4757-19-04, 4757-21-03, 4757-25-01 and 4757-25-04. See Proposed Rule Changes here: Link .

No change rules 4757-5-08, 4757-19-08 and 4757-99-01 to be filed from August 2013. Link.

Public Hearing Notice no hearings are scheduled.
Final Filed Rules - None recently.
Rule Making Guide

Five Year Rule Review

Ohio Revised Code section Chapter 119 requires agencies to review each rule at least once every five years.

Laws and Regulations governing the practice of counseling, social work and marriage and family therapy in Ohio can also be viewed online at the following links. When using these links you should go directly to LAWriter® Ohio Laws and Rules to Chapter 4757 in the O.R.C. or the O.A.C. Updates are made within thirty days of the effective date of new laws and rules.

Chapter 4757 of the Ohio Revised Code
Chapters of 4757 of the Ohio Administrative Code

Other laws relating to your practice as a licensee: The following list includes laws which were not created by the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board and should not be considered inclusive.

Please record the ORC number in case the link is broken. For example, if you are interested in the the law concerning reporting child abuse or neglect, write down 2151.421.

ORC 2305.51 : Immunity of mental health professional or organization as to violent behavior by client or patient

ORC 2151.421 : Duty to report child abuse or neglect

ORC 5101.61 : Duty to report abuse, neglect or exploitation of adult

ORC 5123.61 : Duty to report abuse, neglect and other major unusual incidents

ORC 2921.22 : Failure to report a crime or knowledge of a death or burn injury

ORC 2317.02 : Privileged communications

ORC 5122.04 : Confidential outpatient services for minors

ORC 3109.051(H)(1) & (2): Non-custodial parent right to records of children