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Social Work Trainee Instructions for Verifying Application Status

You will receive an e-mail from Andy Miller with your User ID and password, along with other information. If you did not receive this information, please e-mail andy.miller@cswb.ohio.gov  Please do not phone, as this can delay processing.


 Access the Ohio E-License Center: https://license.ohio.gov/default.asp



Click on the Application Checklist link, as illustrated below.


Application Checklist requires a login ID and password to enter. Once logged in, users can view their application checklist status.



You will be prompted to ensure that your web browser is compatible with our system, and log in. If you are using a compatible web browser, click the Login button.


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Enter the User ID and password provided to you, and click Login.




Click the License Status link.



You can now see which items have been received for your file. Items marked “Accepted” have been received and recorded. Items marked “Pending” have not been received. Items marked “Not Applicable” do not apply to your specific educational history or license type.






Once items are received, it may take up to 5 business days for them to be logged into this system by the Board. Once all items are received, your license will be considered for approval. You will be contacted via e-mail upon approval, or if more information is required for your file