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Social Worker Trainee

4757-19-05 Social worker trainee …

Registration of training supervision shall be only for master's level students from council on social work education "CSWE" accredited programs that are not licensed as social workers. Applicants for trainee status shall complete the board online application or request form. In order to be approved one of the following documents shall be required.


(A) Provide proof of enrollment in a master's level field education course (practicum/internship/field work). A copy of the university's online enrollment document shall be acceptable; or a letter, email or facsimile from the professor, social work office or registrar stating the applicant is enrolled.

(B) Applicants shall document proof of enrollment using the board's online license verification system at https://license.ohio.gov. Trainee status shall be active only within the dates displayed on that system. The dates of that registration shall be up to four weeks past the end of the term enrolled.

(C) Applicants enrolling for a subsequent field education course need not re-apply, but shall provide proof of enrollment as specified in paragraph (A) of this rule for their existing registration to be extended through the dates of that course.