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Social Work Assistant Instructions

Social Work Assistant Registration Instructions

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Andy Miller will be your contact person during the Social Work Assistant registration process. Contacting Andy to check for receipt or missing parts of your file can be counterproductive adding to his already busy schedule. The Board asks that you instead follow these instructions: keep copies of all faxed or mailed forms; read and follow all instructions; allow at least 10 business days for processing and then contact Andy through email, if necessary, at andy.miller@cswb.ohio.gov


Steps towards Social Work Assistant Registration

1.    Be sure you meet the education requirement prior to submitting an application.

·         You must have received at least an associate degree in social service technology from an accredited academic institution. A “social service technology degree” is an associate degree from a two-year program where the following minimum curriculum standards are met:

o   Forty-five quarter hours, or thirty semester hours, of core social/service/social work skills, theory, and systems courses and must include a social service practicum; and,

o   Twenty-one quarter hours or fourteen semester hours of related courses such as psychology, sociology, and economics.

·         The applicant shall have received a grade of at least a “C-“ in all coursework for the committee to accept it towards meeting the requirements.


2.    Complete the SWA application, online or paper version, and pay the $40.00 application fee.

The application is good for two years.


After the application has been submitted the following steps can be completed in any order.


3.    Pass the board’s online Laws & Rules Exam


After completing the exam you will receive a certificate via email with a copy to Andy.


4.    Have your school MAIL , EMAIL OR FAX OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS, showing your degree conferred, directly to the board. Your registration cannot be issued until we have received a copy directly from your school.


5.    Complete the BCI and FBI criminal records check. The Criminal Records Check can take 2-4 weeks to process. Print the BCI & FBI Instructions  and take the instructions with you to a web check vendor.



Documents necessary to complete your SWA registration:

1. SWA application with fee

2. Official Transcript, showing your social work or related degree conferred and mailed directly from your school

3. BCI and FBI Criminal Records Check mailed directly to the Board from BCI&I

4. Board’s online Laws & Rules exam