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Licensed Independent Social Worker:

Excerpt from 4757-19-02:  Requirements for licensure as an independent social worker.

The requirements for licensure as a licensed independent social worker are generally set forth in division (A) of section 4757.27 of the Revised Code. With regard to such applicants, the social work professional standards committee hereby prescribes:

(A) That the applicant shall apply for a license in accordance with the provisions of rule 4757-1-04 of the Administrative Code; and,

(B) The applicant shall include with the application the required fee per paragraph (D) of rule 4757-1-05 of the Administrative Code.

(C) That the applicant have: 

         (1) A master's degree in social work, or a doctoral degree in social work; and, 

         (2) Two years of supervised social work experience: defined as follows: 

(a) "Two years employment experience" means at least two complete years supervised experience which includes three thousand hours of work for a fee, salary or other consideration, during which time the applicant was engaged in the practice of social work and held licensure as a social worker; except that no applicant may be credited with more than fifteen hundred hours of experience during any twelve-month period;

(b) Any supervised experience obtained after October 10, 1986, in the state of Ohio must be supervised by an independent social worker.

(c) The dates that the supervised experience was obtained, not the date of application, will determine the type of acceptable experience required for an applicant to be licensed as a licensed independent social worker.

(3) That the applicant pass the examination meeting the requirements established by the social work professional standards committee to determine the applicant's ability to be an independent social worker. Applicants shall be pre-approved to take the examination per rule 4757-19-04 of the Administrative Code.