Social Work Trainee Renewal

PRINT: SW-T Renewal Instructions 

To renew your SWT for another semester, Go to log into your account. Once you're on your license tile (the tile looks like a mini-certifcate) from the OPTIONS dropdown menu select RENEW be prepared to upload proof of enrollment (POE)


Social Worker Trainees will need to show proof of enrollment prior to the next semester or quarter in order to continue trainee status.


a. Trainees need not re-apply but shall provide proof of their enrollment in a practicum, internship or field placement. (Include term start and end dates).


b. Without proof of enrollment social work trainee status will expire.


c. As an ACTIVE social worker trainee, your scope of practice is the same as an LSW per rule 4757-21-02.


Your responsibility is to maintain an active status while you are enrolled and practicing as a social worker trainee. 4757-7-02 Practice with expired license or certificate of registration is prohibited.


d. Social Worker trainees may be supervised by: a LSW with a MSW, LISW and/or LISW-S.