Social Worker Trainee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the Social Work Trainee (SWT)?

A.  Social Work Trainee registration is only for master's level students from Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited programs who are not already licensed as social workers.  It allows students to act as social workers within their field education.  Students must be enrolled in a field education course to hold the SWT.

Q.  How do I apply for the SWT?

A.  Refer to the SW Trainee Quick Links on this page, and click link #1. SW Trainee Instructions.

Q.  How long is the SWT good for?

A.  When you apply for the SWT, you will provide your proof of enrollment in a field education course for the current or upcoming semester.  The SWT will be current for that semester, plus 30 days.  This can be renewed at any time.

Q.  What duties can I perform as an SWT?

A.  At your internship site (and only at your internship site), you can perform the full duties of a licensed social worker.  The scope of practice for a licensed social worker can be found here:

Q.  How do I renew my SWT?

A.  To renew your SWT for another semester, submit a renewal application, and attach your upcoming proof of enrollment for that semester.  You can find a link to the Board’s online renewal system here:  You will also receive a reminder email with this information 90 days before your SWT is due to be renewed.

Q.  Can I use my SWT during winter break?  What about after graduation?

A.  Your SWT is valid for 30 days after the end of each semester.  As long as you’re still performing work duties at your internship/field site, your SWT is valid during that period at that site.  If you’re going to work somewhere else, your SWT is NOT valid at that site.  It’s only valid when you’re working at your internship site.

Q.  If I’m not enrolled in field education for the upcoming semester, or if I’ve already graduated, can I still renew my SWT?

A.  No.  The SWT is not a license to practice, it’s a registration of your field education.  If you’re not currently enrolled in field, or if you’ve completed your MSW program, the SWT cannot be renewed.