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Post Program Approval

1. Post Program Approval


  • Post program approval forms are for obtaining approval for non-approved  CEUs  related to licensure but was not Board approval. After completing the course you may request post program approval. 
  • Programs that lean heavily towards business, religion or are medically based (without a mental health component), and those with content such as Reiki, sign language and first-aid, are not considered as being related to counseling, social work or marriage and family therapy. In addition, continuing education to promote personal growth of the licensee may not be post approved or may be approved for only those hours proven to relate to  one of the focus areas listed for the license type in 4757-9-05.
  • Post Program approval forms are to be submitted within ninety (90) days of attending a program. Expect three weeks for your post program approval form to be evaluated.

2. Non-approved programs taken in-state and in-person are not eligible for post program approval

CEUs taken within the State of Ohio (in person ) must be Pre-Approved by the CSWMFT Board and are not eligible for post program approval. An exception to this rule: Marriage & Family Therapist are allowed post program approval for coursework in related disciplines as well as programs approved for counselors and social workers. This is due to a limited amount of approved programs for MFT’s.


  • Board approval numbers for MFTs must contain the letter “T” in the approval number, e.g. RSCT000000 or MSCT000000
  • Programs that are approved by NBCC or APA or NASW or ASWB are not accepted by this Board for MFT renewal.

3. Types of programs eligible for post program approval

1. Out of state programs

2. Online 

3. Home study courses

4. College coursework taken in a related discipline, other than that of your license. Coursework taken within the department of your license is automatically accepted.

5. Publications, Articles, Books and Teaching or Presentations

4. When to submit your request for Post Program Approval

Post Program approval forms are to be submitted within ninety (90) days of attending a program. To obtain post-program approval, the licensee shall provide the following: 


1. The presenters name and credentials (normally found in the program information)

2. A copy of the program brochure or other documentation of the program content.

3. A copy of the certificate of completion, transcripts, grade card, or signed statement from the presenter to demonstrate the licensee’s attendance at the program or course.

5. IMPORTANT: First time presentations (teaching)

  • First time presentations (teachingneed to be post approved prior to renewal of your license. (Even if the program you presented was approved by the Board) The Board keeps track of teaching hours because a licensee cannot receive credit twice for the same program within a five year period; without showing proof that the course has significantly changed.   4757-9-06(C)
  • You will need to include a copy of the syllabus showing you as the presenter, the date, and duration along with the subject & description all included with your post program approval form.
  • Please allow three weeks for your post program approval form to be evaluated. You will be sent a notice of action stating denial or  approval with how many CEU’s you may count towards your renewal. 
  • Please note: If you are audited use your notice of action as you would an attendance certificate; list and attach a copy to the audit form.

6. Pre-approved programs and providers

  • Board approved programs will have an approval number similar to these (RCST000000 or MCST00000) listed on your attendance certificate.  
  • Social Workers are able to take programs approved by ASWB or NASW as long as  ASWB or NASW approved and the ASWB or NASW approval numbers are listed on your attendance certificate the program should not be submitted for post program approval.  Other license types can submit these programs for post approval. 
  • Pre-approved training's are not to be submitted for post program approval.

7. Journal articles or books

Journal articles or books on subjects related to: Counseling, Social Work or Marriage & Family Therapy shall meet the following requirements: (Must be post approved prior to renewal of your license)

1. Journal articles shall be published in refereed journals for a maximum of ten CE hours.
2. Chapters authored by licensees in books…will be treated as journal articles.
3. Reprints or republications of published materials… are not acceptable.
4. You must submit a post program approval form prior to renewal of your license in order to count these hours.

5. The book or article must be published within your two year renewal period.

Single authored books can be granted up to thirty clock hours.
Multiple authors will each be granted an equal number of clock hours. 

8. Notice of Action (proof of your post approved hours)

  • Do not renew your license until you have completed all CEU’s and have received your notice of action letting you know how many CEU hours were post approved and can now be counted towards your renewal.
  • Hold onto your notice of action; if you are audited you will need to submit and list the hours on the audit form as you would list an attendance certificate. 
Post Program Approval Forms