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Renewal Information

1. The Renewal Process

The renewal process is simple, just click Renew Your License in the section to the left , enter your user id and password, answer the renewal questions, enter your payment, print your receipt and your renewal is complete. 95% of all our licensees renew online, those who wish to submit a printed application must contact the board to request a printed application. You may check the status of your license by clicking the Online license verification in the section to the left. 

License renewal fees:          Late renewal fees:


LPCC     $75.00                   $40.00 

LPC        $60.00                   $40.00


LISW      $75.00                   $40.00

LSW       $60.00                   $40.00

SWA       $40.00                   $20.00


MFT       $75.00                   $40.00

IMFT      $60.00                   $40.00

2. User ID and Password

  • License renewal notification letters are mailed to the address on file each quarter this letter contains your license renewal date and a board issued user id and password for online renewal. Your license is eligible for renewal once you receive this notice.
  • You may however, renew any time prior to midnight on your expiration date. Renewals submitted after the expiration date will be charged a $40.00 late fee. (SWA late fee $20.00)
  • If you do not receive a renewal notice letter at least 30 days prior to your license renewal date please contact the board. Continuing education must be completed prior to renewing your license this includes the 3 hour ethics requirement for all licensees and 3 hours of supervision training required for licensees granted the supervisory designation.
  • All OCSWMFT licensees are required to renew every two years on the date of issuance. For example if you were licensed October 10, 1986 your first renewal date would have been October 10, 1988. 


3. Continuing education information

  • Continuing education information is not submitted with your renewal application and fee. Continuing education information is only submitted to the board if you are audited after renewing your license. If you are chosen for audit you will have 30 days to submit proof of your completed continuing education. We currently audit 30 -50% of all renewals submitted. Click the continuing education link under the Renewal Information tab for detailed continuing education information.

4. Extension/Waiver Request.

Extension/Waiver Request. From time to time there are circumstance that interfere with how we operate in our professional lives. Licensees may request a extension/waiver for the renewal of their license for extenuating circumstances.  These request must be made in writing and documented, medical issues require a medical statement from your physician. Request should be submitted to the Renewal Coordinator prior to your renewal date.

5. Military Deployment and renewal

Military Deployment and renewal. If a licensee or their spouse is Military (active or reserve) special consideration is given. Contact the Renewal Coordinator to discuss your options. Detailed information is listed under the Quick Links see Military Licensing.

6. Licensees in private practice

For those  in private practice the  renewal application will ask  you  to list the name of the person responsible for the maintenance and security of your clients records. 


4757.13 Prominent display of license.

(A) Each individual who engages in the practice of professional counseling, social work, or marriage and family therapy shall prominently display, in a conspicuous place in the office or place where a major portion of the individual's practice is conducted, and in such a manner as to be easily seen and read, the license granted to the individual by the state counselor, social worker, and marriage and family therapist board.

(B) A license holder engaged in a private individual practice, partnership, or group practice shall prominently display the license holder's fee schedule in the office or place where a major portion of the license holder's practice is conducted. The bottom of the first page of the fee schedule shall include the following statement, which shall be followed by the name, address, and telephone number of the board:

"This information is required by the Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board, which regulates the practices of professional counseling, social work, and marriage and family therapy in this state."

Contact the Renewal Coordinator