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Some Fees Waived

4757-1-08 Military provisions related to licensure for counselors, social workers and/or marriage and family therapists. 

(D) Waiver of license application fee.
(1) The application fee shall be waived for an applicant who is a current member of the armed forces.
(2) Paragraph (D) of this rule applies to the following application fee types:
(a) Initial licensure by examination, outlined in rules 4757-13-01 , 4757-13-03 , 4757-19-01 , 4757-19-02 , 4757-19-03 , 4757-25-01 and 4757-25-03 of the Administrative Code. All license types and re
(b) Initial licensure by endorsement, outlined in rules 4757-13-06 , 4757-19-07 and 4757-25-06 of the Administrative Code.
(c) Reinstatement of an expired license, outlined in rule 4757-7-01 of the Administrative Code.
(d) Restoration of a license in an inactive status, outlined in rule 4757-7-03 of the Administrative Code.

(E) Application process.  (When the board receives an application from an individual identified in paragraph (E)(1) of this rule, the processing of that application shall be prioritized, with a goal of ensuring that a license is issued the same day that the application is complete). 

4757-7-01(1) Per section 5903.10 of the Revised Code, a licensee or registrant shall be granted a renewal of the license or certificate by the board at the usual fee without a late fee as required by rule 4757-1-05 of the Administrative Code, if not otherwise disqualified because of mental or physical disability, and if either (C)(1)(a) or (C)(1)(b) of rule 4757-1-08 applies.