MFT Trainee:

Effective November 3, 2014, a trainee registration has been created for students enrolled in an MFT practicum or internship in Ohio. All applicants who wish to apply for this registration should please refer to 4757-25-08 for more details. You can find a copy of the application and instructions located in a link on the left-hand side of this page. 


Steps towards MFT Trainee Status

Please refer to OAC 4757-25-01 & 4757-25-08 for complete details regarding the educational requirements and registration of an MFT trainee. 

This trainee status is only valid for use in the state of Ohio. If also applying for Counselor Trainee (CT) status, please apply for CT status first as that process can take more time to complete.  If applying for both CT and MFT trainee status, an applicant is allowed to submit only one copy of BCI/FBI background checks to the Board, as these items can be shared between the Counseling and MFT departments. However, you will need to attach Proof of Enrollment to both applications.

Although registration as an MFT Trainee is optional, some training sites might require it.  If registration is chosen, the following requirements must be met:

Complete an online MFT Trainee application via the eLicense Portal 

Criminal records checks for both the BCI & FBI

The Criminal Records Checks can take 2-4 weeks to process. Print the BCI & FBI Instruction sheet and take it with you to a Sheriff or Police Department. These checks are only valid for one year.

The Board will need proof of enrollment in a master’s or doctoral-level practicum or internship

Proof must contain student’s name, class title and the beginning and end dates of the academic term. A copy of the university’s online enrollment document or class schedule verifying the actual beginning and ending of the semester/quarter is acceptable. Attach in the MFT Trainee application or e-mail to the proof of enrollment. 

MFT Trainee Extension

For each new quarter or semester the Board will need:

  1. Proof of enrollment in an internship or practicum for the academic term

Please e-mail the proof of enrollment to (preferred) or fax to 614-728-7790 

Internship/Practicum Evaluation Form (Required only for non-COAMFTE programs only)

Once you have met your internship and/or practicum requirements, you will complete the Evaluation Rating Form. You, the Trainee, will complete Part A.  Your supervisor will complete part B and will return all five pages to you in a business size envelope signed across the seal. The form must be submitted when you request to sit for the examination.


1. If you are ending supervision with a supervisor without completing your internship hours, your supervisor will still need to complete the Evaluation Rating Form.


       2If you have more than one supervisor, each supervisor will complete a form.

Contact the MFT Trainee Coordinator