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LPCC Application Instructions

Easy Steps to Ohio LPCC Licensure

Based on Chapter 4757 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code

LPCC License

After becoming a LPC, if you wish to begin the process to upgrade your license to the LPCC, please complete the following steps. 

  1. Complete two years of supervised experience. Your experience must meet the requirements for the LPCC with 50% of your time spent in clinical counseling services, which include the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders under a LPCC with the supervising counselor designation. If you have a doctorate in counseling, you may receive credit for up to one year of supervised practice in a doctoral internship with clinical focus.  Submit aClinical Field Evaluation & Verification of Supervised Experience to document your doctoral internship hours of supervised practice.
  2. Have each training supervisor complete the Clinical Field Evaluation & Verification of Supervised Experience form, sign across the back of a sealed envelope and return to you. NOTE: You need to document at least two years, at least 1,500 hours for each year and at least 150 hours of supervision. You need a form from each supervisor.
  3. If you did NOT pass the PCLE by 2006, submit a written request to sit for the Ohio LPCC licensing exam (NCMHCE). Please be prepared to take the exam when a letter of eligibility is requested, as the letter is valid for only six months. Applicants who pay for and register for the exam may forfeit fees if they do not take the exam by the expiration date of the letter of eligibility.     
  4. Pass the exam and fax or mail a copy to board 
  5. Complete and Submit a BCI & FBI Criminal Background Check, instructions may be found on our website. 
  6. Submit the LPCC license application and fees. The application is mailed with the exam approval letter. 
  7. Note: There is no provisional license for the LPCC.


Documents required to complete your LPCC licensure file:

1)  Clinical Field Evaluation & Verification of Supervised Experience 

2) NCMHCE Test results (unless you are currently licensed as a result of passing the PCLE) please fax your NCMHCE results to 614-728-7790

3) BCI & FBI Criminal Records Check 

4) LPCC licensure application, notarized, with fee.

5) Complete the board’s online Laws and Rules Exam If your application, when first processed, is incomplete; a UserID and Password will be sent to you.

***Note: There is not a provisional license for the LPCC***

**Please allow 7-10 business days to process items sent to the board’s office**