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CT Instructions

1. The first step is to complete the CT application online: https://elicense.ohio.gov/OH_HomePage    You will need to register and create a User ID and password to  access the e-License system.  Once you’ve registered, complete the application for Counselor Trainee


With this application, you will attach proof of enrollment in a practicum or internship class with start and end dates of the academic term.  Proof of enrollment may include either a) a copy of the university’s online course schedule for a current or upcoming semester, showing your enrollment in a practicum or internship class with the start and end dates of the term, or b) a letter, fax or email from your professor, counselor department head, or registrar, stating that you are enrolled in a practicum or internship class with the start and end dates of the term.


2.  The second step is to complete BCI and FBI criminal records checks. Print the BCI & FBI Instructions:  http://cswmft.ohio.gov/BCIFBIBackgroundChecks/BCIFBIInstructions.aspx and take them with you to your local police, sheriff’s department, department of motor vehicles, or other WebCheck location.


If you have previously completed a background check through your agency, unfortunately the Board cannot accept a copy of that.  Background check results must come directly from the BCI&I.  You can either complete a new BCI and FBI check, or have your BCI resubmitted and then complete a new FBI.  For details on how to re-submit the results of previously-completed BCI background checks click here: http://cswmft.ohio.gov/BCIFBIBackgroundChecks/RequestaCopy.aspx  FBI checks can’t be resubmitted and will need to be repeated.  It will take at least 45-60 weeks for the Board to receive a re-submitted BCI check, while a new one should be received much more quickly.


For applicants with a criminal record:  Along with your online application, you will be required to provide a complete explanation of the underlying circumstances with sufficient rehabilitation evidence, and a certified copy of the court documents (judgment entry) related to your conviction. Applicants are required under law to report all misdemeanor and felony convictions, with the exception of minor traffic violations (DUI/OVI charges are NOT considered traffic violations, and must be reported as criminal convictions). Failure to report any police record is falsification of an application and is grounds for denial.  Please be aware that if you have a conviction, your BCI/FBI checks may take up to 30 days to be received by the Board.  Your file may also require additional review by the Board before your CT is approved.


Once all items are received and processed you will receive an email from the Board confirming your registration as a CT.