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Counselor Trainee


This is a brief overview of the law concerning counselor trainee approval. It is your responsibility to read the Laws and Rules for a full understanding of the requirements for CT approval. We strongly suggest you also read the counselor trainee's  'frequently asked questions' before getting started. 


A counselor trainee is an individual seeking licensure as a professional counselor. In order to qualify for training status they must be enrolled in a practicum or internship in a counselor education program.  The must be of good moral character and complete the BCI & FBI background check. Counselor Trainees need to apply for the credential and  provide proof of enrollment in a master’s or doctoral-level counseling practicum or internship course for (the) current/future academic term(s) in order to receive training status. CT status needs to be updated with each quarter or semester, with the CT extension form, and updated proof of enrollment.


Students are not required by the board to have counselor trainee status to complete their practicum or internship requirements. However, the agency where you are working may need you to have CT status in order to bill for your services. If your CT status were to expire you might not be allowed to see clients. If your agency still lets you see clients, you may NOT identify yourself as a CT until the registration is active again.


When you are given CT status, the dates will reflect the beginning and end of the quarter or semester PLUS 8 EXTRA WEEKS. This 60 day grace period extends your CT status, which would otherwise expire on the last day of your quarter or semester. This extra time is to help you avoid waiting for your CT status to be updated. Therefore it is important that you submit your CT extension form at the end of your quarter or semester to avoid delays. 


Counselor trainee can only be supervised by a LPC-S (practicum only) or LPCC-S (practicum or internship). These supervisors cannot list more than six training supervisees on their license. NOTE: An LPC-S cannot supervise the diagnosis and treatment of mental & emotional disorders, and can only supervise a CT for a non-dx/Tx  practicum only. 



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