Renew CE Program or Provider Approval

Provider Renewal- A provider renewal application must be requested from Patty Miller, Continuing Education Coordinator, and specific documentation will also be requested at that time.  To prepare for provider renewal the following will be needed; summary of program content, presenters name and specific credentials, what their degree is in and not only listing a BA, MS, or PhD, number of ceu’s for each program, if the program meets the ethics or supervision requirement.  Titles or possible topics for the future, presenters and credentials.  If approved to offer home study programs three post-tests, title of each program and number of ceu’s along with how the ceu number was determined.  A copy of the ceu certificate.  The provider renewal application and $250 fee.

Program Renewal – If a program is nearing the end of the approval time frame a renewal can be requested.  The content and presenters must remain the same and this must be received in a statement that also requests renewal of the program.  A copy of the approval letter must also be submitted with the $60 fee.  Program renewals can only be requested prior to the current approval period expiring.  

Request Program or Provider Renewal Application