Continuing Education Provider Instructions


Please read the instructions carefully before you apply for provider approval to offer Board Approved continuing professional education. The goals of the Board's continuing education requirements are to assist licensees; in maintaining and expanding professional competence and expertise, in becoming aware of new professional issues and developments, and in providing responsible, quality and competent service to clients and community. Continuing education to promote personal growth of the licensee will not be accepted.


CE subject areas for each practice can be found

For MFTs 4757-9-01(A)  MFT’s can only complete 15 hours through distance learning per rule 4757-9-04(F)

For Counselors  4757-9-02  Counselors can only complete 15 hours through distance learning per rule 4757-9-04(F)

For Social Workers 4757-9-03  Social Workers can complete all 30 hours through distance learning per rule 4757-9-04(F)

Provider applications

Provider applications are approved by the Board and should be submitted 60 days prior to the upcoming Board meeting.  Once approved as a provider the Board does not have to review each individual program offered by the Board approved agency or individual. The licensee(s) listed on the provider application are responsible for reviewing programs and determining if they meet the Boards requirements for continuing education.  The licensee can only review programs for the profession they are licensed.  Their resume must be included with the provider application.


In order to be approved for provider status three complete program applications and a list of additional topics or titles must be submitted with the provider application. The individual or agency receiving provider approval is responsible to clearly demonstrate how the programs they approve meet the Board requirements; if requested by the Board. 4757-9-05(B)(2)

Social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Counselors must all have 3 hours of continuing education in Ethics. The ethics content must meet the ethics requirement for the profession it is being approved for. Any program showing your Board approval number that covers ethics and or supervision; the amount of hours earned in ethics and or supervision must be clearly noted on each attendance certificate. 4757-9-05(B)(2)(k)

Provider renewals are reviewed by the Board; your request for provider renewal must be received 60 days in advance of the month your approval expires. If you miss this deadline you will need to begin the approval process again.

Be sure to read the CE Program & Provider Guidelines before you submit your application and a sample attendance certificate to the Board.