Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm out of town for the next few months I cannot complete the audit until I return home.
A. You are required by law to complete the Audit within 30 days. If you cannot you will be required to write a personal statement explaining your situation and giving a date as to when your audit will be completed. I suggest if you travel or are in the military to scan and store attendance certificates in your email so you can access them from anywhere in the world. 

Q: I just discovered I only completed 27 CE hours. What can I do? 
A: You will need to complete additional hours as soon as possible. In order to complete and close your audit you must have 30 CEUs completed. Complete the missing hours and include a personal statement when you submit your audit. This scenario will result in a caution letter or failed audit fee. 

Q:  Two of my certificates are not approved by the Board. What should I do? 
A: You will need to complete an audit post program approval form for each non-approved certificate and send it along with your audit, course description and personal statement. Keep in mind CEU's taken within the State of Ohio must be pre-approved when you take them; non-approved programs completed in-state and in-person are not eligible for post approval. Ineligible programs will need to be replaced by approved programs. This scenario will result in a caution letter.  

Q: How can I email my completed audit form?
A: The best way to send your audit is by FAX our fax number is 614-728-7790. Place the Audit Cover Sheet as the first page to insure your audit comes to me. 

If you perfer to email your audit complete the CE AUDIT COVER SHEET scan all attendance certificates. Depending on your scanner you may have an option to save to a PDF. If not, you can click the option to PRINT. From there you may have the option to choose a printer from the drop down menu. If so, select a PDF printer. You may also save to a "jpeg" or "gif" file. Name and save the file so you can attach it to your email to the audit coordinator. Paula Broome